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Safari in Tanzania: A Spectacular Safari Experience at Arusha National Park


Arusha National Park is small in size but a spectacular region in Arusha that offers stunning landscapes in three individual regions. It mainly covers Mount Meru, which is a famous volcano that reaches up to a height over four thousand metres in the north eastern part of Tanzania. This mount is the second highest peak in this country after Mount Kilimanjaro and that is only sixty kilometres away from this Park.

It is regarded as a popular destination by many day-trip safari visitors in Tanzania who like to book safaris from Arusha Townon northern circuit trips.Arusha National Parkincludes the summit, slopes and the distinct ash cone of Mount Meru. The park also includes the Ngurdoto Crater, Momella Lakesand those green highland forests that are spread over the lower slopes of Mount Meru.

Location Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is located on a three hundred kilometre lies on a 300-kilometre block of distinguished national parks of Africa, ranging from Ngorongoro CratertoSerengeti in the western region toKilimanjaro National Parkin the eastern region.

Wildlife covered at Arusha

Arusha National Park offers a rich assortment of wildlife. Visitors to this park are excited in anticipation of rich game-sighting experience as they expect to see stunning wildlife like the various national parks of the northern circuit in the country of Tanzania.

Regardless of the small size of this park, safari seekers to Arusha National Parkcan expect to come across giraffes, herds of zebras, Cape buffaloes, warthogs, elephants, lions, the famous Colobus monkeys that are black and white, flamingoes and blue monkeys.

The stunning Ngurdoto Craterstands right in the middle of this forest and its rocky cliffs surround a vast marshy floor that is dotted with warthogs and herds of buffalo. Shallows are tinged pink with hundreds of flamingoes. Momela Lakessupport a lush selection of migrant and resident waterfowls and those famous shaggy waterbucks with their horns that are shaped like lyres.

You will also come across leopards. Birdlife in this park is found to be prolific as there are several forest species that you will come across here. People taking the safari ours to Arusha National Park will be able to spot bar-tailed trogons and Narina trogons here. You will also find many species of starling. A sight that is very common to this park is that of the giraffes gliding across numerous grassy hills along with herds of zebra grazing on them.

The entrance gate of the park leads visitors to a shadowy forest which is inhabited by many blue monkeys and trogons of various colours. Many people say that this park is perhaps the only region on northern safari route where you will come across the black and white Colobus monkeys.

Safari at Arusha National Park

One of the most popular activities for people on safari tours to this park is climbing Mount Meruand going on smaller trails which cover the lower slopes of the mountain. Safaris on offer include a trek for 3 days. People are taken to the summit of the crater of Mount Meruand this is considered to be as challenging a task as is found when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, nearby.  Along the lower slopes of this mountain, visitors will find paths to waterfalls and rivers to complete a thoroughly relaxing day’s hike.

For people who would like to see the sights of this park on different occasions and not get confined to safari vehicles for longer periods such as three days, they can even opt for day safaris. The full day adventure is offered with lunch and drinks (optional) and the safari will include riding on gravel roads, walking and canoeing. A group of visitors will be picked up early morning from their lodges or hotels so that they assemble at the gates of the park by 10 am. The drive to the park will be through small towns and coffee plantations. They will be met by armed rangers who will accompany the safari seekers on their morning walk in the shadows of Mount Meru. They will head upwards and this ascent will allow them to see plenty of wildlife with great panoramic views of the park. Once the walk is completed, then the visitors would be driven to Momella Lakes, where a picnic lunch will be served to them. Canoeing safaris would then be provided at these lakes. The safari would continue after that with game drives through this park and all this will be done at a very relaxed pace. The safari ends in the evening, after which; the visitors will be taken back to their respective accommodation at Arusha.

The safari package rates would include fees for the park and rangers, SUV safari vehicles with driver and guide and game drives, lunch and mineral water.

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