RAYAN Arusha apartments

Useful information


Visas for Tanzania are required by all nationals except for citizens of Cyprus and Romania. They do not need a visa. Single-entry visas and transit visas could be obtained on arrival at the port of entry in Tanzania.

Languages used in Tanzania

Many languages are spoken in Tanzania but the principal and official languages are English and Swahili.


Arusha experiences low temperatures, relatively, for the Tanzanian region despite its closeness to the Equator. This is mainly because of its elevation which is one thousand four hundred metres above sea level. It is located on the southern slopes of Mount Meru. This helps in bringing down the humidity levels, too. Visitors can expect cool and dry air for most of the year. The temperatures here range between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius with average higher annual temperature being around 28 degrees. Tanzania has fixed dry and wet seasons and it experiences eastern winds from the Indian Ocean. The climate is classified as tropical savanna.


For a trip to Tanzania, only one checked bag is allowed. Its weight must not exceed 23 Kgs. It is not advisable to keep your valuables, important documents and money in the checked baggage. Your cabin baggage must not exceed 10 Kgs. Please leave some empty space in your suitcase for the items you will buy as souvenirs.


Tanzania has 220 volt electricity. This means that unless your laptop or device is dual voltage or adaptable to 220 volts, you require a converter or adapter. The cycles (Hz) are 50 per second. Get an international adapter.


Tipping has become like a tradition. It is advisable to leave a tip of 10%.


The cost of living is moderately high in Tanzania compared with other African countries but much cheaper than one found in South Africa. Nevertheless, it is comfortable to live and you benefit mainly from quality services. For food, you can pay between 5 and 20 Euros per day. To stay in a hotel of average category, it will be necessary to budget around between 140 and 200 Euros.

Time Zone and Difference

The time difference between South Africa and Greenwich Mean Time is + 1 hour.


The price of hotels is usually high. Our apartments for rent both on short-term or long-term basis is recommended..


Arusha is a town in the Northern part of Tanzania. It is the capital of Arusha Region. Tanzania is a country situated in Eastern Africa within the region of the African Great Lakes. It has Kenya and Uganda at its northern borders; Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo at its western borders; Malawi and Zambia at its southern borders and Indian Ocean to its east. Arusha is situated below the Mount Meru region on its eastern edge as the Great Rift Valley’s branch. For nature enthusiasts and adventure safari seekers, Arusha is an important destination because of its proximity to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Olduvai Gorge, Lake Manyara National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro and Tarangire National Park and the Arusha National Park on Mount Meru. Neighbouring Islands Zanzibar is the island near to Tanzania.


Visitors will not be bored in this country at all. Many hobbies will help pass the time. You can practice football, rugby, golf, scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing, cricket, cycling and visit the reserves and parks of the country.


Tanzania has many culinary specialties; they include Sosatie (skewers soaked in a curry sauce), The Bobotie (it's a real mixture of bread crumbs, chopped almonds, curry and milk, all prepared in the oven), Biltong (dried meat in strips) and Pap (cereal porridge). In addition, you can enjoy European, American or even Asian culinary specialties in many restaurants.


You will have the opportunity to discover various varieties of local beers. Milk Stout, Black Label Carling, Hansa Pilsener and Castle Lager are some local beers that you will enjoy. Also enjoy liqueurs such as Amarula or Black Sambucca. Cider lovers will surely appreciate Savana and Hunter. You should know that South Africa is also known for the quality of its wines. There are red wines such as Syrah (Shyraz), Cinsault, Merlot, Pinotage, Cabernet and Sauvignon. White wines are available, such as Colombard, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Sultanine. These different qualities of wine are available at good prices in the market.


To move in and around Tanzania, you will have absolutely no problem. The country has a good road infrastructure and many means of transport that include planes, trains, buses and taxis. You also have the possibility of renting a car. However, you will need a national or international driver's license and be over 25 years old. The rental will cost you between TZS 250 and TZS 350 per day depending on the model of the vehicle you hire.

Air and Land Connections to and within Tanzania

Arusha gets served by Arusha International Aeroport and Kilimanjaro International Airport. Connection by road is available through buses or coaches that are run privately to Dodoma, Nairobi and Dar-Es-Salam. Rail transport in Tanzania is managed by Tanzania Railways Corporation and TAZARA.

Health and security


It is advisable to subscribe to international medical assistance insurance. Large cities have quality private clinics and hospitals. But, the service is very expensive. It will be necessary to be up to date for certain vaccines against hepatitis B, typhoid fever, whooping cough, polio, diphtheria, tetanus and malaria. You will also have to take your precautions against AIDS.


Some precautions must be taken. Do not flaunt your electronic gadgets and valuables like watch, bracelet or chains.

Bank and currency


The currency of the country is the Tanzanian Shilling. The currency is coded as TZS and it fluctuates. Currently, 1 TZS = 0.000384478 Euros and 1 TZS = 0.00045 US Dollar. The Euro and the US Dollar are used in Arusha and all major cities and areas of high tourist interest in Tanzania.

Exchanging Currency

Changing Euros or US dollars in Tanzania is very easy. You can do it at banks or at the exchange offices. Visitors would also be able to encash their travellers checks. The vast majority of banks accept them, as do hotels and Bureaux de Change. You can buy traveler's checks in Tanzanian Shillings.

Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted at luxury stores, middle class restaurants and hotels. However, you have to be very careful when you want to use it. Make sure that when you type your code, no one is able to see it.


ATMs can be found in large cities as well as small ones. Nevertheless, you must take precautions before making any withdrawal. It is absolutely not advisable to withdraw money at ATM late into the night.


You will have the opportunity to bring back many memories of Tanzania and East Africa. This country presents itself as a true hub of African art. You can not only bring back art from East Africa, but also from other countries like Mali, Nigeria, Ghana and Zimbabwe. For example, things like African masks and statuettes. The painted eggs are also wonderful memories that you can bring back. Bargaining the price of items is the best way to get them cheaply.