RAYAN Arusha apartments

Karibu-Welcome !

Please find directions to "Rayan Apartments"

To arrive for the first time, we recommand our taxi service.
As some roads in "Google-Tanzania" are not registered, include the road to come from "Panone supermaket" in "Shangarai" to our place, which could take more time to find by your car for the first time.

We advice you to print or to save the following directions:

We are about 8km from Arusha Center, in Moivaro Village, "Shangarai" Bus station, 200meters from Himo road, beside "Faraja Orphanage".

By Bus

You can ask to the bus driver, to drop you at the station "Shangarai", which is in the Himo Road.
At the bus station, you will see our first sign board to follow. Go straight about 200meters, then you will see our second sign board.
We are just beside "Faraja orphanage".

By car

1. Go until "Panone" supermarket in "Shangarai".
You can use the GPS coordinates of "panone supermarket ":
-3.374260, 36.759676

2. Once you are at "Panone":
From "Panone", do not follow anymore any GPS or Google informations (which are not correct)
Our road is at Shangarai Bus(Daladala in swahili) station. Which is on the other side of the road of "Panone".

So by car from "Panone supermarket "you have to :

- Go out of Panone by turning left
-Go straight
-Turn on the first right to return close to "Panone" but from the other side of the road After few meters that you see "Panone" from the other side of the road, you will see on the left our sign board.
-Follow the sign board by turning left -Go straight (about 200meters) until you see our second sign board at "Faraja Orphanage"
-Turn left to enter : (at the moment we have the same enter that the orphanage which are members of the same Rayan family (a new road is suppose to be made by the country in few months)
The Rayan Apartments are just beside "Faraja orphanage" at the end of the road.

Karibu-Welcome !