RAYAN Arusha apartments


The house is located about 8km from Arusha center. The area is called "Shangarai" in Nkoanrua, in Moivaro Village.

She is located about 300meters from "Panone supermarket and petrol station" (Panone is on the Himo road)
The Panone staff know where is "Rayan Arusha Apartments" which is just next to "Faraja Orphanage".

By Bus

The bus ("daladala") station is called "Shangarai"(the bus station is in the "Himo Road") if you need to ask to a bus driver.

Then ask for "Faraja Orphanage"which is 200meters from the bus station.

The apartments are just next to Faraja Orphanage (please see the satellite view of the exact location below)

By car or taxi

Here is the GPS coordinates of the apartments :
-3.374260, 36.759676

You can check the exact location on the satellite view below :